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IFG Consulting Ltd. is part of the group of IFG which includes ” IFG Leasing”, ” IFG Invest ” Ltd., ” IFG Finance Ltd” and ” IFG Consult”. IFG Consulting offers a wide variety of services – accounting services, tax services, legal and financial consulting, and administrative services.


You can trust our reliable process

Research and Analysis

We thoroughly analyze every problem which we encounter, so we can find the most suitable solution for resolving the situation.


We prepare an action plan that is tailored to all the specifics of your business, so that execution can be impeccable and successful.


We carefully apply the prepared solutions and monitor the proper implementation of the proposed steps to make them as effective and useful as possible.

complete dedication to every client

We strive to offer our customers a high quality service, so we can meet their expectations, while respecting corporate culture and business ethics.


We always work in your interest

All our proposals and actions are exclusively for the benefit of your company


With attention to every detail

We take a close look at all the details that surround your business


Most appropriate solutions

We offer solutions that optimize and improve your work


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