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IFG Consulting Ltd.

is part of the group of IFG which includes ” IFG Leasing”, ” IFG Invest ” Ltd., ” IFG Finance Ltd” and ” IFG Consult”. IFG Consulting offers a wide variety of services – accounting services, tax services , legal and financial consulting , administrative services and advertising.


Our attention to the details, which surround your business, plays a major role in finding suitable solutions, which will successfully improve and optimize your work process.

From its start our company strives to offer our customers highquality services and try to satisfy their expectations, follows customers corporate culture and business ethics. Our corporate values are competence , efficiency and integrity, respect of bulgarian legislation and keeping track to EU business practices . All those years we have build excellent professional relationships with our customers and try to  meet their specific requirements. Our team consists of consulting services experts with more than 15 years experience both in bulgarian and foreign companies and business organizations. IFG Consulting has all the required accounting software products to facilitate the maintenance and sharing of data with institutions.

IFG Consulting


22-24 Mayor Parvan Toshev Str., apt. 1, Sofia 1408, Bulgaria