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Financial Consulting

IFG Consulting makes researches on economic sectors, analyzes the economic feasibility of investment projects, business plans and makes valuations of companies. IFG Consulting advises clients on the optimal capital structure of the company and sources of funding.

Assist companies willing to go public, both in terms of the public offer and a private placement of securities (shares, bonds and instruments).

Our services also include business plan development, analysis and evaluation of business goals, investment projects, SWOT analysis , consulting in building internal control environment.

IFG Consulting Financial services include credit and investment consulting. Our team of professionals prepare comprehensive financial analysis of the current state of your company (profit, profitability, liquidity level);

We can optimize your organization after we undergo a complete corporate analysis. We provide competent investment analysis, we will assess the potential value of the acquired assets, prepare strategic and financial planning, do precise research to find the best loan product, prepare loan statements and prepare all your documents when applying for a loan. Our experts will prepare professional business plan, financial analysis of the company and cash flow forecasts. We provide professional assessment of income or expense as including financial forecasts for the return, which is expected from the company’s economic activity. To avoid possible complications, we prepare cash flow analysis and financial analysis.  An analysis showing what the competitiveness of enterprises. We also analyze the financial position of the company and its liquidity. Our team will identify the real opportunities to attract private capital, and providing loan capital . As a next step, an analysis of the profitability of your own capital. We offer consulting services and management development, business planning and etc.


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