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IFG Consulting offers flexible services and fast calculation of payroll of our customers employees.

We calculate social and health insurance, benefits , taxes owed.

Our experts prepare employment contracts, job descriptions, additional employment agreements, orders of appointment or termination of employment , document submission of the required information to institutions.

Our services include:

  • Monthly payroll;
  • Preparation and submission of statements 1 and 6;
  • Preparation and submission of notifications under Article 62, paragraph 4 of the Labour Code;
  • Registration of sick leave for employees;
  • Completion of employment and insurance licenses;
  • Preparation of official notes, certificates for employees;
  • Monthly preparation of payment orders for the insurance obligations to the budget .
  • Calculation of leave benefits;
  • Submit the necessary declarations in the NRA;
  • Preparation and reporting of service contracts – remuneration , memoranda, declarations , etc.  ;
  • Representation in audits in front of  the NRA, National Insurance Institute, the Labour Agency and other institutions.


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