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Legal Advice

Legal services, which carries IFG Consulting depends entirely on the needs and specificities of each client . It is subject to the requirements of the regulations, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the company.

Our experts offer a full package of legal services:

  • Re-registration in the Commercial Register of companies and traders;
  • Registration of companies and traders in the Commercial Register;
  • Registration of changes in batch merchant or company in the Commercial Register,change manager, location, partners and other circumstances;
  • Maintain a company liquidation
  • Transfer of membership in the company;
  • Transfer of an undertaking ;

Provide timely and adequate assistance to their clients in the administration of companies, preparation of necessary documents in connection with applications for licenses and other administrative procedures. Assist in negotiations with other entities.
Prepare standard contracts serving the commercial activities of the client. Provide adequate and timely support to its customers in the administration of companies.
We offer legal services to companies and individuals in connection with contracts for rent, loan. Prepare contracts, powers of attorney and other documents.
We provide advice on issues related to real estate. Prepare documents for the purchase and establishment of rights to real estates, leases, management contracts and maintenance of the property.

IFG Consulting prepares licensing agreements on transfer of right to use the trademark registration in the Patent Office and drafting of licenses for construction.
If a dispute arises, IFG Consulting assists our customers in order to leed to of- court- settlements . Use of legal services of other companies is particularly relevant in the current situation where every company tries to saves business costs.

Using the legal services of IFG Consulting you:

  • Save the cost of wages and benefits for legal personnel;
  • Save the time to secure a job, maintaining the current legal software and information on changes in regulations;
  • Rely on a professional legal assistance and advice from professionals who daily face various legal cases.


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